Philippine Destinations

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Philippines has so much to offer with its 7,000 plus tropical paradise islands, which has the best beaches in the world, that are surrounded by blue crystal clear warm seas. It’s so hard to even begin to write about them as each one is unique, each one a Paradise Island and a new experience, the Philippines is just full of excitement and adventure any one coming to  the Philippines  for  a holiday, will have an adventure.

The Philippines is the last frontier, not yet polluted and not heavily commercialized this can’t be said for a lot of so called tropical islands. And its not just the White Sandy Beaches that is the attraction, it’s the fun loving, well mannered polite Filipino people that will make your visit unforgettable.  To visit the entire islands in the Philippines and to spend just one night at each one would take over 20 years and even then you would just be scratching the surface. More and more people are looking to the Philippines as their holiday destination, and if you ever visit you will see why. The money exchange rate is good also as most currency’s do  well and value for money is good also.

Your first stop on your visit to Philippines would most likely be Manila which is the capital of the Philippines which is on the island of Luzon. To see Manila fully could take up your entire holiday, and you wouldn’t be short changed either, as there is so much to explore and visit in Manila. The rest of the island is divided into Regions Region 1- Ilocos Region Region 2- Cagayan Valley Region Region 3- Central Luzon and Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).

Why should any one want to visit Philippines