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Vigan Plaza Hotel

1. Vigan Plaza Hotel

Ciudad Fernandina Hotel

2. Ciudad Fernandina Hotel

3. Hotel Felicidad

4. Hotel Salcedo De Vigan

5. Vigan Hotel

6. Granpa’s Inn

7. Villa Angela Heritage House

8.Vigan Heritage Mansion

9. Gordion Hotel

10. Cordillera Family Inn

1. Uno Grille

2. Bistro Amarillo

3. Cafe Leona

4. Cafe Uno

Teds Oldtimer Lapaz Bachoy


5. Lilong and Lilang Restaurant

6. Tummy Talk Restaurant

7. Kusina Felicitas

8. Tessie Restaurant

9. Los Mojitos Street Dining


1. Calle Crisologo

2. Vigan Public Market

3. Mira Furniture

4. Rowilda’s

5. Cristy’s

6. Baluarte Souvenir Shops

7. EJ’s Souvenir Shop

8. Jova’s Souvenir Shop

9.Tongson’s Bibingka Shop

10. Island Souvenirs

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Ilocos Sur is a famous and beautiful province located in the northern part of Luzon. The province is bordered by Ilocos Norte on the north and La Union on the south.  It has a total land area of 2,579.6 square km and composed of 32 municipalities and 768 Barangays. Ilocos Sur is a famous place is Ilocos Region that has a rich culture and history.  The Capital of Ilocos Sur is Vigan City.

The Name Vigan came from the Ilocano word “kabiga-an” pertaining to the “biga”(purple yam)-like plants that once grew along the  banks of its rivers. The province is formerly known as Ciudad Fernandina de Vigan from 17th to late 19 century.

Vigan City is the center of Spanish colonial power in Northern Luzon. Vigan Heritage Village was inscribed in the prestigious UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1999 for being the best preserved example of a planned Spanish colonial town in Asia which were built in the 18th century. It is well known for its cobblestones streets, Kalesa’s (Horse-Drawn Vehicles),  fame ancestral houses with authentic tiled roofs, massive hardwood floorings, ornate balustrades with Asian and European architectural styles reflecting the different cultures that had influences this area in the past.

Most of the famous Historical Landmarks and museums are Burgos Museum, Plaza Salcedo, Crisologo Museum, Plaza Burgoz, Provincial Jail, Simbaan a Bassit, St Paul’s Cathedral, Bantay Church and Bell Tower. Agriculture is the major industry in the City of Vigan. About 35 percent of land area are used for farming and the major crops are rice, corn, onion, eggplant and tomatoes.  Non-food crops include tobacco, cotton and tigergrass. Pottery-Making and Jar Making Industry is also prominent in the province. Its products include Banga ( Cooking Pots), Bakka Paso( Animals Feeling Basins), Massetera ( Flower Pots), Karamba( Water Vessels) and Passo ( Charcoal Cooking Stoves).

Spanish Colonial Town in Philippines
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Vigan City

The major attraction in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur is the Calle Crisologo and Vigan Heritage Village. Calle Crisologo (Crisologo Street)  brings back the Old Spanish atmosphere in …..

Bantay Church and Bell Tower is a must see attraction when one is in Ilocos Sur. It is located in Bantay, another charming town adjacent to the Vigan City. Bantay is also well known …

The Burgos Museum or Fr. Burgos Museum is one of the famous and most visited place is Vigan. It is the ancestral house and the birth place of the martyr-priest Fr. Padre Jose Bur…….

Hidden Garden is one of the famous tourist attractions in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. It is a nicely landscape garden with native ambiances surrounded by wide variety of tropical plants, flower....

One of the most popular and most visited tourist attractions in Vigan City is the Crisologo Museum. It is a century-old mansion and ancestral house of the Crisologos, a .......

Calle Crisologo:






One of the famous and must see tourist destination in Vigan City is the Baluarte Zoo. It is an interactive wildlife sanctuary and facility, with breathtaking view of its dominating sce …..

Baluarte Zoo :


The Syquia Mansion Museum is a must-visit destination is Vigan City. This is the ancestral home of the former first lady Dona Alicia Quirino, the wife of Philippine’s 6th President ……

One of the major religious landmark and tourist destinations in Ilocos Sur is the St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is popularly known as Vigan Cathedral, located in front of Plaza Salcedo.......

Another famous tourist attraction in Vigan City is the Simbaan sa Bassit y Camposanto. It is a cemetery chapel built in 1852. It is dedicated to Santo Cristo also known in Ilocos as ……..

Pagburnayan is a place where they used the old and authentic methods in pottery. The root word “burnay” is an earthenware jar crafted by potter’s hands with the aid of a pot ......





Vigan City is approximately 404.3 Kilometers from Metro Manila. For those who want to visit the rich and historic town of Vigan City, it is very accessible by land and Air. From Manila, cars and public buses travel takes around seven to eight hours. Passengers may choose several public Buses from Manila that have daily trips to Vigan such as Partas Trans. Co., Aniceto Transportation, Dominion Bus Corp., Viron Transit, Farinas Trans and Philippine Rabbit Bus Line. Airconditioned Bus from Manila to Vigan cost 600-700 pesos.

For those who want to travel fast, there are regular flights from Manila to Laoag International Airport or vice versa. Airlines such as Airphil Express, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Zest Air have regular flights to Laoag and it takes only 55 minutes. From Laoag Internation Airport, you need to travel another 1 and half hour by a chartered van to reach the old City.

Vigan City is also known for its Food-Making/ Meat Processing Industries. Vigan Longganisa, Bagnet, Empanada, Okoy, Suman and Sukang Ilokko (Ilocos Vinegar)  are only few of the must-try local delicacies in Vigan. Vigan City is so small and going around the city is very easy. Visitors have plenty of choices when it comes to transportation. Jeepney, tricycles and Horse Drawn Carriage are always accessible. You can ride the tricycle with a minimum fare of 10 pesos. You can also ride in Calesa or Horse-driven carriage with a fixed price of 150 pesos per hour for a tour around the city.

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