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Viet Ville

Address: Brgy. Sta Lourdes, Puerto Princesa

Phone Number: (+63918) 243 7252

Viet Ville is a famous Vietnamese restaurant to serve the beautiful province of Palawan. It is located at the Palawan’s capital, Puerto Princesa. It is housed in Vietnamese Village, villages that was put up in 1990’s by some Palawenos as a shelter to thousands Vietnamese refuges. Viet Ville is a Vietnamese inspired architecture with contemporary Filipino Style. The restaurant is also modelled on authentic native house made.

The restaurants feature a native wood ambience with art decors and native stuff. Restaurants walls, chairs, tables and doors are all made of bamboo stalls and rattan. It offers a cosy and unique ambience from its open air restaurant. It is also known as one of the Palawan’s best kept secret when it comes to unique dining experience that offers finest Vietnamese and French cuisine . Upon entering the resto, variety of paintings, murals, beautiful crafts and furniture and home decorations will greets every guest.

One of their top selling dishes are Goi Cuon (Fresh Lumpia), Pho Bo Kho( Beefstew Noodles), Seafood Spring roll, Fresh Lumpia, Crispy Breaded Shrimp, Spicy Chicken, Vietnamese Fried Rice and many more.

Viet Ville offers a array of Vietnamese noodles like Beef Balls (Php 190), Chicken with Egg Noodles (Php 145), Mix Seafoods (Php 190), Fish Noodles (Php 187), Chicken Sotanghon (Php 145) and Cambodian(Php 195). Their top selling soup noodles is the Pho Bo Kho (Beefstew Noodles) (Php 199), a pork-tender beef with spicy sweet taste and garnished with vegetables and sesame seeds.

Their rice meals includes Spareribs with lemon grass(Php 180), Beef Stew w/ lemon grass (Php 185), Vietnamese Fried Chicken(Php 76), Seafood Curry( Php 199), Spicy Chicken(Php 180), Tomato Rice)Php 40) and Sweet and Sour Fillet (Php 205)

For salad, they have Chicken Salad (Php 150), Seafood Salad (Php 150), Pommel Salad (php 165), sashimi salad (php 165) and Shrimp Salad (Php 150).

Viet Ville  is famous for two best reason, first is the tasty Banh Mi Toi(Garlic Fresh Bread) , which about 6 inches long that taste like a fresh bagel bought from French Delis and a Spicy, Hearty, delicious Kim chi in  the town.

How to get there

Vietville is located at Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa. It is very accessible by jeepney or tricycle. It is about few minutes away from Puerto Princesa Airport. Vietville is also near to the famous Subterranean Underground River and other famous Hotels and Landmarks.

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