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Bohol Islands
Home of the Philippine Tarsiers

Now, Bohol is one of the top 10 best tourist spot in the country. This is because Chocolate hills are the one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the countries spectacular sceneries. One would experience the real beauty of paradise.

However, There are so many legends and stories many people believe about the formation of the Hills. One story is that a Giant called Arogo fell in love with a local girl, who he loved so much. And when the girl died he was so over come that he cried so much that his tears turned in to hills.  Others say two Giant were fighting over a girl and threw mud at each other. How ever it still remains a mystery how they were formed, but I an sure the locals with have a story to tell.

Chocolate Hills is the famous tourist attraction in the Province of Bohol.  It  is composed of  1,268  cone shape  hills with the height ranging from 30-60 square meters The hills are covered with green grass and in the dry season it turns to a chocolate brown colour, and that’s how it gets it’s name. Chocolate hills have spread all over the town of Carmen and Sagbayan.  

The government of Bohol runs a resort called Chocolate Hills Resort for the tourist who would like to stay overnight at the Chocolate hills. It is located 6 Kilometers away from Carmen. The resort has a hostel, restaurant and a view deck. If you stay here there are plenty of Bus tours and taxis which will take you to Chocolate Hills.

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