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Igorot Garden is a small garden next to the La Union Bus Terminal its very popular with the locals who like playing Chess each day you can see them playing. The Garden is dominated by a Statue of the 5 main Igorot Tribes the Ibalois, Bontocs, Kalingas, Ifugaos and the Kankanaeys. Its also a nice place to set and rest.

Igorot Garden

Due to its cool weather Baguio is known as the summer capital city of the Philippines. And this cool climate makes it possible to grow strawberries, and other fruit that is not possible to grow any where else in the Philippines. It’s about 30 minutes drive from the city, to Strawberry farm located at La Trinidad, Benguet. As you reach the place you can see fields full of Strawberry’s. Everyone is allowed to pick strawberry but you need to pay for them by the kilos.   Out side, Strawberry farm there are so many traders selling baskets of strawberries, goodies and souvenir items like Strawberry key chain, strawberry bags, Strawberry hats, and many more. You can also taste one of the favourites strawberry TAHO and Strawberry Ice cream for a very fair price.

Strawberry Farm

Lourdes Grotto is one of the most visited places in Baguio City especially for religious Catholic people. It is located at the top of Mirador Hill where you can find the statue of Our lady of Lourdes. To reach the grotto one must climb the 252 steps stairs; you can also use the short cuts to see the actual image of Mary. Many devotees visit this place every Sunday to offer prayer and ask for blessings.  It is also crowded every Holy Week.  One can buy flowers, candles, rosaries, statuettes at the lower area of the grotto. It’s a good place to go to say that special pray.

Lourdes Grotto

The Mansion

If you go up the stone steps you will come to Mansion House.  Mansion House is the official Summer residents of the Philippine President, as it gives a cool places to work and to meet over sea visitors. The main gates are an exact replica of the gates at Buckingham Palace in London. Alss at the top of the hill you can buy locally made souvenirs to take home.

Bell Church

Taoist Bell Church is one of the attractions in Baguio City that gets a lot of visitors. It is located at downtown area of La Trinidad Benguet. Here you can find colourful temples, attractive pagodas and well   landscape gardens. There are also books available for those who want to know the history and culture of China. Bell church is crowded every Chinese New year because mostly of the Chinese visit the temples to pray and witness the colourful Chinese New Year Parade. This is a very big event so if your planning to go, my advices is to get there as early as you can so as not to miss any of the fun.

Baguio Cathedral is one of the popular attractions in the city. It is built in the top of the hill along session road and can be seen all over the city. First named Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, to day it is known as Baguio Cathedral. The Ibaloi people refer to the hill where the Cathedral stands as Kampo also named Mount Mary by Belgian missionaries in 1907. In 1920 the construction of the Cathedral got underway and by 1936 it was completed.Thousands of people killed by the bombing of Baguio City during the 2nd World War are interred with in the grounds of the Cathedral. The Cathedral is unique with its Pink façade, Rose windows and twin Bell Towers.

Baguio Cathedral

Minesview Park

Mines View Park also is a big hit with visitors; it has its own visiting centre with a small café in side. A market and a festive holiday atmosphere with home made food being cooked and sold. It called Mines View as it over looks the old Gold mines of Baguio, 25% of the UK Gold comes from the Philippines.

Philippine Military Academy

This is an a old US Base that was handed back to the Philippine Government on the 1st of July 1991 as it was used by the United States  Armed Forces as a rest and recreation facility for service men and their dependents, and a concentration  Camp for British and American citizens in the 2nd World War. Today if you love Golf you love this place it has a 18 hole course that will take some beating, This holiday Village has a lot to offer with its 5 Star Manor Hotel  with 175 Rooms for its guests , its own Shopping Centre called the Mile-Hi Centre. It has horse back Riding, Paint Balling, Camping, Picnicking, Eco- Trail Venturing, a Museum, a Igorot Lodge , a Butterfly  Sanctuary, it’s a really good place to go for a day out or as your holiday base, one thing you will not be disappointed with what Camp John Hay has to offer.

Also the Botanical Garden is a place not to be missed . This is a wonderful place to go and relax and picnic, or have your picture taken with the native Igorots from Cardillera region of Luzon, who used to be head hunters and are one of many ethnic groups that make up the Philippines.  At the gates you can get your picture taken this a family of Igorots for a small fee.

Botanical Garden

Burnham Park

The famous tourist attractions in Baguio are Burnham Park, it is located at the central part of the City, which has a boating lake that is a must to try very popular with families, teenagers and courting couples.  On Bank holidays there is a market in the park ,sell all kinds of locally made products including wood carving, leather Belts Tee Shirts and Bags   which Baguio is also famous for.

Wright Park, Horseback Area

Wright Park is also a fun park to visit,  well known for its horses Riding, for a small fee of 200 pesos you can go horse back riding which is fun for all ages. You will always find photographers ready to take that memorised picture, it only cost a small amount but as you will see if you have one taken it is well done.

Famous Tourist Attractions in Baguio City for 2014