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Spanish Colonial Town in Philippines

Vigan City is the Capital of Ilocos Sur and the center of Spanish colonial power in Northern Luzon. Aside from that, Vigan is also home of the best restaurant which offers most delicious Ilocano Dishes. Vigan is famous for their specialties such as Longganisa, Bagnet, Empanada, Sinanglao Soup and many more.

When visiting the historic city of Vigan, check out the top 10 best restaurants listed below:

Uno Grille

Uno Grille is a recommended and must try restaurants in Vigan City. This Restaurant has a romantic and relaxing garden atmosphere with scene tic view of the seashore. It is near in Grandpa’s Inn, one of the Vigan City Best Hotels. Uno Grille offers mouth-watering Asian and traditional Ilocano dishes such as Bagnet, Vigan Longganisa and Poki Poki. BInagooangang Baboy( Php 100.00) Okilas Dinardaraan(Php100.00), Poqui- …..

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Bistro Amarillo

Bistro Amarillo is the best among all the restaurants located inside Hotel Salcedo De Vigan, one of the famous hotels in Vigan City.  This restaurant is situated in the UNESCO World Heritage Site well known for its merging of Asian and European Cultures.  Bistro Amarillo is a 50- seat restaurant, unique in its flavour and ambience. They offer wide array of local and continental cuisines. The cool ambience makes it the ideal place ……

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Café Leona

Café Leona is one of the famous dining places in the cobbled Crisologo Street. This Restaurant is owned by Leona Florentino, was considered as the “Mother of Philippine Women’ Literature. This elegant restaurant has a low ceiling, cozy interiors and local handcrafted furniture’s. Café Leona offers a variety o Japanese, Italian, Thai and Filipino specifically Traditional Ilocano Dishes. For Japanese Foods they have Sushi, Sashi…..

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Hidden Garden Lilong and Lilang Restaurant

The Lilong and Lilang Restaurant is one of the best and famous fine dining restaurants in Vigan City. It is located in Hidden Garden, one of the top tourist attractions in town. Hidden Garden is a nicely landscape garden with native ambiances surrounded by wide variety of tropical plants, flowers and trees plus red clay pots and antiques.  Hidden Garden is owned by Francisco Flores, a retired engineer. He suffered from 3 heart  ……

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Café Uno

Café Uno is one of the famous restaurants near the cobbled Crisologo Street. Café Uno is a small restaurant with a cozy and attractively old fashioned interior design. It is located inside Grandpa’s Inn- one of the most recommended hotels in Vigan City. Café Uno offers delectable Asian to Local Dishes. Among their best selling dishes are Pinakbet, Bagnet, Lumo, Poqui Poqui, Sinanglao, Vigan Longganisa and Tapa Tagalog. They ..

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Tummy Talk

Tummy Talk is one of the famous and cheap restaurants situated in the heart of Calle Crisologo. This restaurant is housed in one of the ancestral houses in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Tummy Talk Restaurant promises a truly remarkable dining experience from mouth-watering dishes to cosy and elegant interiors. Tummy Talk is a Filipino and African Restaurant in Vigan City. They offer wide selection of Ilocano Dishes such as Bagnet, …..

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Kusina Felicitas

One of the best and most recommended restaurants in Vigan is the Kusina Felicitas. It is a signature restaurant of Grandpa’s Inn, a famous 3-star hotel in Vigan. Kusina Felicitas dining hall is walled with original bricks of the 18th century building. Old Paintings are hanged in the wall for customers to enjoy and buy them actually. The Kusina Felicitas is adorned with local handcrafted furniture, which is one of the industries …….

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Tessie’s Restaurant

Tessie’s Restaurant is one of the famous and budget restaurant  located in General Luna Street, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. This two storey fast food restaurant offers wide selection of Filipino and Local Dishes that will surely exite your taste buds. Tessie’s Restaurant most selling dishes are Sinanglao, Warek warek,  Igado, Puki Puki Burudibod and Ilocano Pakbet. This restaurant is open daily from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Aracei Breadhouse

Arcaceli Breadhouse is one of the famous bread store and snack house in Vigan. It is located along Florentino Street and beside Plaza Maestro. Araceli Breadhouse offers great tasting breads and Filipino dishes. It is where most people stop buy every morning to buy Hot and freshly baked pandesal and Coffee. They also offer selection of Filipino and Ilocnao Dishes like Pinakbet, Igado, Chicken and Pork Adobo and Menudo. It is open daily from 6Am to 10 PM.

Hambre Bar and Restaurant

Hambre Bar and Restaurant is one of the famous and most recommended bar and restaurants in Vigan. It offers everything from fine dining, great tasting dishes, and excellent customer services to wide selection of beers and wines. Hambre Restaurant best selling dishes includes Grilled Porks, Grilled Fish, Vigan Famous Bagnet, Brocolli with Oyster Sauce and Bulalo. They also serve one of the best Duhat Wine in Ilocos Sur.  

Top 10 Best Restaurant in Vigan
Last updated : 31 March 2014