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Palawan Islands

Kalui Restaurant

Address: 369 Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Phone Number: (048) 433 2580

One of the most famous and best value Restaurant is the Kalui Restaurant. It is located in the heart of Palawan’s Capital, Puerto Princesa. The Kalui is simply a Filipino Inspired Restaurants, loosely modelled on an authentic native wooden house. The restaurants feature a native wood ambience with colourful art decors and native stuff. The decorative interior includes Masks, Shells, Water Bins, Fruits; flowers are all around the corner.

Kalui offers a cozy and unique ambience from its open air restaurant. The entrance was outlined with shoe racks and surrounded by beautiful lush greenery and flowering plants. The Restaurant’s floor is very clean and well polished; guests are required to remove their footwear upon entering the restaurant. The restaurants policy is that everyone should remove their footwear when inside the restaurant. Guest footwear will be place in a safe small bayong with their corresponding number. There were two choices in the restaurants, one is to seat on the chairs and the second is to seat on the floor. The seat was like Japanese set up with a round table in the centre and soft pillows as chairs.

Their top selling menu is the Kalui Special of the Day set (Php 395) which includes mouth watering prawns, fish steak, vegetables of the day, appetizer, rice and soup. This restaurant also feature a unique selection of desserts made of fresh fruits and rice cakes.  One of their famous desserts is chopped cubes bananas, watermelon, mangoes and papaya served at the top of coconut shell (Php 200).

How to get there

Every visit in Puerto Princesa Palawan is not complete without visiting and tasting the mouth-watering dishes prepared in Kalui Restaurant. Kalui Restaurant is very accessible and can be reached via tricycle or public Jeepney in just a few minutes from Puerto Princesa City Proper. It is approximately 10 Minutes from Palawan Provincial Capitol and 15minutes far from Puerto Princesa Airport.

Kalui Restaurant offers an array of fresh seafood dishes and Vegetables. They don’t serve meat or pork dishes.  They offer wide variety of high quality, grilled, broiled, fried seafood dishes such as Shrimp, Fish Steak, Spicy Squid Prawns, Tempura, Baked Mussels, Crabs, Shellfish Soup and many more.

One of their best selling menus is the Sinigang ni Kaka (Php 200), it’s a special Sinigang dish with prawns, vegetables, radish and soup is made of coconut juice instead of tamarind. Other menus are Shrimp Halabos (Php 170), Pan-Broiled Blue Marlin (Php 300), Kilawin (Php 150), Seafood Kangkong (Php 150), Crispy Fish Tail (Php 350), Puerto Pinakbet and Grilled Squid (Php 175).  

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