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Iloilo City  has lot of things to offers to local and foreign visitors, from famous tourist spots, luxurious Hotels and Resorts to great numbers of Best Restaurants. Travelling around the city will reveal Cities best restaurants, bars, cafes that each taste bud will definitely get satisfied. Iloilo City has an array of best restaurants ranging from local to Asian and International Cuisine.

Below are the list of top 10 and highly recommended restaurants in Iloilo City

Bourbon Street Grill and Bar

Bourbon Street Grill and Bar is a famous Restaurants situated at the centre of Smallville Complex, a famous dining and nightlife venue in Iloilo City. This bistro style restaurant has two chic elegant lounges and a popular balcony that provides a perfect place for lovers. The  American interior design gives a contemporary and cozy atmosphere. The use of bricks and solid hardwood teak flooring design adds to the uniqueness…..

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Al Dente Ristorante  Italiano

Al Dente Ristorante Italiano was voted as Iloilo’s  best Italian restaurant at the Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Centre, a well known luxury hotel in Iloilo City. This Italian restaurant promises a truly remarkable dining experience, from, mouth watering cuisine to cozy elegant interiors. They a offer great selection from Italian inspired menus from the artistic salads to the seasonal menu  with  superb desserts. …

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Amalfi Cucina Italiana

Amalfi Cucina Italiana is another famous restaurant in Iloilo city that serve authentic Italian Dishes. Like Bourbon Street Grill and Bar, it is also situated in the Smallville Complex. This restaurant offers top notch food preparation and elegant presentation coupled with efficient and attentive staff. Amalfi Cucina Italiana has classy, cool and elegant interior designs, well appointed tables and chairs that set a comfortable…..

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Teds Oldtimer Lapaz Bachoy

Every visit to the Beautiful province of Iloilo City will not be complete without trying their famous Lapaz Batchoy. Lapaz Batchoy is one of the tourist attractions in Iloilo City many local and foreign visitors raved, it was first originated in the District of Lapaz Iloilo City.  It is known as the native dishes in Iloilo which was started way back year 1940’s. Batchoy knows no time, no occasion and even location.   Batchoy is made of round….

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Bavaria Restaurant

Bavaria Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Jaro Iloilo, near Jaro Plaza which serve authentic German Cuisine. Bavaria restaurant is offering the best and unforgettable dining experience from its cozy elegant dining area to Mouthwatering German cuisine that one would feel like their in Germany. Bavaria restaurant has become a popular spot for families and get togethers, they offer an array of Sausages, Steaks,…..


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Ocean City

Ocean City is among the popular and well established seafood restaurants in Iloilo City. It starts as a big native themed food place beside Iloilo River and Diversion Road Bridge and has evolved into a much modern restaurant a few kilometres away. The new location has a homey and native ambience. Ocean City  offers a wide array of fresh seafood dishes and Chinese cuisine plus Ilonggos charm and Hospitality. Ocean City ….

It has  two sections of dining areas, an open air and air conditioned. The open air turo turo area serving native Ilonggo …

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Uncle Tom’s

Uncle Toms’ is also one of the famous restaurants situated along Diversion Road, adjacent to the famous Piazza Pizzeria.  It offers an array of Friend Chicken, Ribs and Steaks. It is also known for serving the best Ilonggo and Filipino cuisine. Aside from Foods, many visitors love to visit Uncle Tom’s because of its homey ambiance and cool surrounding. The dining area is elegant and relaxing. There is also a resting area with…..

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Tatoys Manokan and Seafoods

Tatoys Manokan and Seafood is one of the top ten best Restaurants in Iloilo City. It is situated in the famous Villa Beach area about 8 Kilometres away from the business centre. This restaurant has two dining areas, one is an air conditioned hall used for bigger events and the other one is several native huts directly on the beach giving  all that tropical experience.  Tatoys Manokan is an  old restaurant serving the Native Filipino…

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Piazza Pizzeria

For Italian and Pizza lovers, try Piazza, one of the best and famous Pizza Restaurant in Iloilo City. It is located along Diversion Road besides Uncle Toms’ Restaurant.  This open air restaurant has cozy and cool ambiance especially in the night. It is an ideal place for lovers, families, and colleagues. Piazza Pizzeria offers an array of pizza, pasta, steak, seafood’s, salads and desserts. Their pizza comes in three sizes….

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Dulgies Dessert and Café

If you have a sweet tooth then you must try Dulgies Dessert and Café in La Salette Building, Valeria St. Iloilo City, it is near SM Delgado. It is famous for its homemade cakes and desserts that are rich and flavourful.  They boast to have finest, premium ingredients in their baked goods. Among their main ingredients are Madagascar Bourbon Vanillas, Valrhona, Sherfen Berger, Anchor Cream, Cheese, Premium Nuts, …..

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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Iloilo City