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Amanpulo Beach Resort

Address: Pamalican Island, Philippines

Phone Numbers: (632) 976 5200 /(632) 976 5204

Room rates start $800 per Night

Amanpulo Resort is a five star tropical beach resort in the island of Pamalican, part of the Quiniluban group of Cuyo Island in the Philippines. The island has a length of 5 Km and is 500 meters across at its widest point. This low-lying coral island is located 200 Km east of Palawan surrounded by white sand, turquoise water and well preserve coral reefs.

Amanpulo Resort is the epitome of an island paradise. An idyllic, tropical haven for beach lover and travellers. The surrounding waters yield a wide variety of marine life and dive sites. The water temperature is about 26 deg C with underwater visibility ranging between 20-30 metres.

Amanpulo Resort is set on coral island all on its own close to where whales, dolphins and sea cows have been know to stray. Guests will also enjoy superb water activities like swimming, sailing, rowing, fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, wind surfing, sailing, Island tour and Cruise.

Rooms and Accommodation

Amanpulo Resort features 40 resort’s casitas, twin-roofed bungalows in the hillside, with a Beachfront setting, and Treetop Casitas overlooking the Sulu Sea. All casitas are loosely modelled on authentic bahay kobo dwellings, each with its own golf cart for island exploration. Decorative interior includes a pebble washed walls, coconut shells table, rustic rice and knife baskets, a rattan headboard and sliding glass door that reveal outdoor decks. It also feature a marble bathroom with twin vanities, separate changing areas, a shower and an elegant bathtub.

Resorts 29 Beachfront setting casitas comes with a private path leading guests to a tangle of bush directly onto a soft white sand beach. The 4 Treetop Casitas are situated above the palm trees and the 5 Hillside Casita offer a breathtaking view of the Sulu Sea with both sunrise and sunset views. All casitas are equipped with world class amenities like Flat Screen Satellite Television, DVD/CD Player, and Ipod Dock, sound system, Coffee and Tea maker facilities.

Private Villas Homes are located 10 meters from the sea, and are available to rent or purchase. It lies within a 5.6 hectare complex, stretching from the hillside to the sea. Each villa features a private swimming pool, separate bedroom, dining pavilions, a kitchen and an outdoor lounge. All villas come with a golf carts for the villa guests, a villa attendant and a permanent cook.

Amanpulo Resort’s facilities includes a light-filled Clubhouse overlooking the swimming pool, In-house Restaurant, a lobby and terrace, Boutique and Galleries, small library, A Lagoon Club house, Amman Spa, Sea Sports Hut, Dive Centre and a Tennis Court.


Amanpulo Resort is an hour flight southwest from Manila which is equivalent to 360 Km. to get there, one must take a private 19 seats chartered plane from Manila which lands directly to the Island.

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