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Teds Oldtimer Lapaz Bachoy

Address: La Salette Bldg., Valeria St. Iloilo

Phone Number: 640-800-9862

Every visit to the Beautiful province of Iloilo City will not be complete without trying their famous Lapaz Batchoy. Lapaz Batchoy is one of the tourist attractions in Iloilo City many local and foreign visitors raved, it was first originated in the District of Lapaz Iloilo City.  It is known as the native dishes in Iloilo which was started way back year 1940’s. Batchoy knows no time, no occasion and even location.   

Batchoy is made of round noodles combine with delicious pork, crushed pork cracklings (chicharon), liver and intestines, beef strips, shrimp, vegetables and chicken stock. To meet customer’s demands, Ted’s developed different bacthoy products. They innovated Sotanghon, Bihon, Miswa in  their main ingredients. There are three sizes of Batchoy such as Super, Special and Super Special.Teds Bachoy is offering different menus such as Extra Super Batchoy, Special Batchoy, Miswa Batchoy, Sotanghon Batchoy, Bihon Batchoy and  Beef Batchoy. All are freshly serve with Puto and some pandesal.  

One of the restaurant best sellers is the Beef Batchoy, consisting of Beef strips, spring onions, and garlic, celery and onion chives with beef caldo. Teds Oldtimer Lapaz Bachoy also offer a healthier version of Lapaz Batchoy, they call it Chicken  Batchoy It’s made of miki noodles topped with chicken strips, fried garlic, spring onion and chicken stock. Adding aromatic  soy sauce and pepper almost mimics the real Batchoy taste and   smell. Aside from the Mouthwatering Lapaz Batchoy, Teds is also offering breakfast meals such as Longanisa, Egg Omelette, Tocino, Tapa and Bacon. All are freshly serve with fried rice, eggs and Coffee.

Teds Oldtimer Lapaz Bachoy offers Sotanghon Guisado, Bihon Guisado and Canton Guisado, Puto and Pandesal.  Chicken BBQ, Chicken Prito( Fried Chicken), Pork Chop, Sisig and Bangus is also available in the menu.

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