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Tatoys Manokan and Seafood

Address: Sto. Nino Sur, Arevalo Iloilo City Philippines

Phone Number:

Tatoys Manokan and Seafood is one of the top ten best Restaurants in Iloilo City. It is situated in the famous Villa Beach area about 8 Kilometres away from the business centre. This restaurant has two dining areas, one is an air conditioned hall used for bigger events and the other one is several native huts directly on the beach giving  all that tropical experience.  Tatoys Manokan is an  old restaurant serving the Native Filipino Dishes with Fresh Seafood also. It is also know to have one of the best Grilled Chicken in the town. Native chicken is marinated and grilled with tamarind leaves, lemon grass and a variety of seafood. The meat was entirely tender and every part is extremely juicy and tasty.

Tatoys also serve superb tasting seafood dishes; among their main ingredients are shrimps, oysters, crablets and fishes. Grilled Scallops in one of their best selling seafood dishes, it is marinated with calamansi, butter and garlic that’s makes every scallop very tasty. One plate of Grilled Scallops cost 180 pesos and its totally worth it. Grilled Bangus is also one of their best menus, they serve it boneless and in large size. Other seafood dishes include Fish soup,Seaweeds, Binakol, Grilled Fish, Tatoy’s Kinilaw, Nylon Shell, Grilled Squids.

If your are a Lechon lover, its best if u try Tatoy’s Lechon. The lechon was crunchy and the meat is tasty that you will not even think to ask for a sauce. Tatoys Manokan and Seafoods will offer you the best and unforgettable dining experience.

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