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Cebu City
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Sumilon Blue Water Island Resort is a private beach in Sumilon Island that provides excellent and top notch services  and facilities for  tourist, guest and divers.  Sumilon Island is located off the southeast coast of Oslob, Cebu City. It is about 130 Kilomoters from Cebu City and  is in close proximity to Dumaguete City. To get to Oslob, you can ride in any public utlity jeepney, public bus or hire a van From Cebu Bus Terminal. It is about 3 hours travel time from Cebu City to the Municipality of Oslob. From port of Oslob, there are many pump boats and small boats that will bring you to the Island of Paradise, Sumilon.

Landscape and Julie’s Rock, all are famous for its uniqueness from other dive sites like superb visibility,  beautiful coral garden and abundance of varied tropical marine species that provide memorable and ideal dive. Some Black tip sharks can be seen occasionally during dives. Guest  and visitors can also go bird watching, fishing, hiking, island tours, paddling, trekking and beach picnic

Before, this marine sanctuary had been accessible to anyone, but just like in many place around the country, locals and visitors left their garbage on Sumilon’s beautiful shifting sandbar.  

With the Sumilon Blue water Island Resort, this island is well maintained and protected from this utter disregard for the environment. The highlights of this Island is the Sandbar for its changing shapes  and shifting locations around the island, depending on the season. On the Island, there is also a natural lagoon teeming with high mangroves and natural caves where some fishermen use to seek refuge. On the south part of the Island is a lighthouse that lie on a protected tree park and beside it is a “Baluarte”, it is a historical watch tower built  in early 19th century as part of a warning system towards thief and marauders.

Sumilon Islands is an  24 hectare coral island surrounded by crystal clear sea water with varying aquamarine hues.It is the first marine protected area in the Philipines and was made fish sanctuary in 1974. This Island host the Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort which developed the island into an eco friendly haven for those who want enjoy and relax.

The Island remains as one of Cebu’s best kept secret and is found on the southeastern tip of the Cebu City. Sumilon Islands is famous in the country and internationally for the exceptional beauty of its dive site. It has 4 major dive sites, which are  Nikki’s Wall, Garden Eel Plaza, Coral Landscape and Julie’s Rock, all are famous for its uniqueness from  Coral.

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