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Pino! Restaurant

Address: Wilson St. Lahug, Cebu City

Phone Number: (032) 231-3101 /(032) 232-0939

Pino! Restaurant  is one of the famous restaurants situated in uptown Wilson Street in Lahug City. The restaurant features a colonial period interior design and a wide array of all-Filipino dishes. The restaurant is spectacularly large with intricately faceted, polished and hardwood panelled surfaces. Beautiful chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling.

Pino! Is a Filipino word which means “fine”. It is an adjective most Filipinos use to express admiration or it may refer to a pleasing personality as fine manners. Pino! Is owned by Madame Amparito Llamas Lhuiller. Pino! Restaurant brings to the attention of its diners the varying character of food from the country’s different regions as well as the Filipino adaptations of cuisines they learned from other country.

Pino! Restaurant serves food that is in true Filipino Fashion. The freshest harvest from land and sea combined in the right proportion to make the flavours of spiciness, sweetness, bitterness or sourness just fine. Pino offers a famous buffet for P 350.00. For light start, they have Ensaladang Tagalog, Fiesta Salad, Puso ng Saging Salad and Enseladang Mangga.

Their in house specialties includes Chicharon Bulaclak( P 155.00), which is a classic Filipino crackler, dried pork is deep fried making it pop, usually partner with vinegar.  Pork Sisig ( P210.00), it is famous to order in the resto, platter of chopped pork cooked with ginger, onions, chilli and served sizzling on a hot plate. Kilawing Malasugue is also one of their best selling menus; it is a platter of fresh, tasty and juicy slices of malasugue and tuna.

For their main course, they have  Sugpo sa Gata, PInains na Alimasag, Kalderetang Baka, KAre-kare, Lenchon Kawali, Pork Binangoongan, Dinuguan and Crispy pata.

This restaurant also features it famous Spanish dishes like Humba, Bacalao, Paelaa Valenciana, Callos, Calderetang Cabrito, Lengu Con Tomate and Gambas Ajillo y a Calamare.  Pino! Also offers wide selection of Seafood Dishes including Grilled Lobster, Prawns, Tuna Belly, Baby Squid, Boneless Bangus, Tanguigue Fillets and Baby Garoupa.

What’s best in this restaurant is their Bamboo Rice (P 190.00), rice which is cooked in Bamboo. It is a style where they use nature things to make the rice savoury. They also features a classic turon (fried wrapped plantain banana or Saba) served vanilla ice cream and jack fruit and fruit jelly. For desserts, the table had Biko, Maja Ube, Sweetened Banana, Mocha Cake and Bibingkang Cebu, a Philippine rice cake topped with salted eggs and quesong puti.

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