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Pinili ko Restaurant

Address: Coron, Palawan

Phone Number: not available

Pinili Ko Restaurant is a simple, fine dining Restaurants in Palawan. It is located in the Northern part of Palawan, in the town of Coron. It is one of the most visited places one shouldn’t forget to visit when staying in Palawan. The Pinili Ko Restaurant is a Filipino Inspired Restaurants, built and modelled on an authentic native wooden house. The restaurants feature a native wood ambience with colourful art decors and native stuff.  

Pinili Ko Restaurant offers a cozy and unique ambience from its open air restaurant. The Pinili Ko Restaurant is one of the Cebu’s best kept secret when it comes to unique dining experience. They serve mouth watering local and Asian Dishes. As part of the restaurant, they also have a souvenir shop at the ground level where guest can purchase affordable personalized jewelleries, t-shirts and accessories.  Guest can also buy some local delicacies one of those are the Cebu’s famous mango strips. Peanut brittles, strawberry jams, bottles Fish Paste (Bagoong), Polvoron and some Ilocos wine are also available.

This restaurant offers seafood and authentic food in Palawan. Their mouth-watering menus are Chicken Adobo, Adobong Kangkong, Menudo, Dinuguan, Pinakbet  and Tofu selection. For seafood lovers, they serve tasty Sweet and Sour Cream Lapu lapu, Sisig Bangus, Fish Sticks, Grilled Squid and Prawns, Salted Fish and Fried Lapu-lapu.

Among their top selling dishes are Lechon Kawali, Beefsteak with Tofu, Humba Filipino, and Baked Ribs with Ginger and Chicken Curry with Mango. Soup is also available, including Tinolang Isda, Sinigang sa Miso with Tofu, Sinigang na Baboy and Mongo Soup with Coconut Milk. Pinili ko Restaurant also offers wide selection of drinks, cocktails and wines.  For non-drinkers they have sodas, fresh fruit juices and fruit shakes.

How to get there

Pinili ko Restaurant is located in northern part of Palawan in the town proper of Coron. From Puerto Princesa City, you can take a bus or jeepney going Coron. It will take approximately 50 minutes travel time to reach the destination.

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