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Bohol Islands
Home of the Philippine Tarsiers

Bohol Manmade forest is also one of the top tourist attraction in Bohol. It is the first man made forest in the Philippines on  Bohol Island .This mahogany forest was planted by some Boholanos during 21st century  that spread about 2 kilometers near the towns of Loboc and Bilar. Upon entering the forest, you can  see a variety of tall tress all the  same height with gigantic ferns. You cant even see the sun, with its  big branches spreading all over with the thickness of the leaves. The root of the mahogany also adds color to the place which spread anywhere and, almost reaches the road.

Here, one can experience the fresh clean air which is at it’s best, during summer months. The place changes the summer temperature in Bohol under the overhanging mahogany trees. Many tourist and bikers stop here to feel the presence of the dense forest.

This rainforest can be reach by road, and is  about 20 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City. You can also take any public transportation because they are passing this forest.

Welcome To Bohol Manmade Forest