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We have all been to Shopping malls in our own Towns and City’s, so what’s so special about the Mall of Asia?. Going by my own experience visiting the Shopping Centres as they are know in the UK, it’s not a big deal.

As you turn off the main road, you drive into the car park, and then you walk into the “Mall”. The only real difference is that it’s covered, the shops are in doors and you don’t get wet if it rains. But apart from that it’s just like any High Street in any town in the UK, with all the same Shops and Brands.

But when you approach the Mall of Asia which is located in Bay City, Pasey City you know that you’re in for a shopping experience that is going to blow your mind. The first    sight you see is a gigantic structure of a Globe of the World. Then you see the entrance to, The Mall of Asia, Philippines. Four vast two storey interconnecting buildings that make up The Mall of Asia   stand out like some thing from an Alien Planet. The Worlds 10th largest Mall.

It has a   six floor Car Park that can take over 5,000 Cars . It has over 200,000 people each day shopping at its 650 shops and 150 food out lets and its dining area can seat thousands. In side, it also has an Olympic size Ice Skating Rink and Six 2 tiered movie theatres, with one of the worlds biggest IMAX Screens in 3D and including 2D. This place is out of this World.

From the 2nd floor you can walk out on to a walk way terrace that over looks Manila Bay, and the Sun Set view is breath taking, a big hit with young courting couples how like to be proposed to at this Magical romantic moment. The Mall of Asia not to be missed!

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