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Bohol Islands
Home of the Philippine Tarsiers

The floating restaurant is made up of 2 large boats connected together. Tourists will enjoy the  sights of the clean water of the river, and views of lush tropical vegetation such as Nipa Palms, Coconut Trees and Banana plants, while the Boholanos offer fine food in a relaxing atmosphere, on board the floating restaurant..

Boholanos serene every guest with a Boholanos songs and an entertaining dance. Tourist are also allowed to swim and experience the relaxing clean water of Loboc River.

The Town of Loboc is well worth a visit also, with its Stone built church, it also has a museum with antique statues and artifacts. Next to the church you will see the unfinished bridge built by corrupted government officials, its self now a well know tourist attraction.

Loboc River is located in municipality of Loboc. Bohol is also one of the most visited places in the province. It is known for its floating restaurant. It will take you up Loboc River going straight to Busay Falls.( Busay Falls ) if you want a nice cool refreshing swim this is the place to go, but it’s not easy to get to, but just ask the locals to take you.

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