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Cebu City
Queen City of the South

In the beautiful province of Cebu, barbeque is not just preparing a food, it’s a culture. The barbeque culture comprises a considerable portion of the Cebuano identity, lifestyle  and supports a whole range of minor industries in Cebu City.    

Larsian is located along the Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu and beside the Fuente Osmena landmark has become a food haven  for students, nurses, doctor, workers and staff working in nearby hospital and some Cebuanos  who pass in this place for many  years.  At Larsian, you can find almost any grilled food; grilled pork, fresh seafoods, fish, beef and various chicken part like skin, intestine, liver, heart, feet and gizzard. The grilled dishes are best paired with puso( a rice cake wrapped in a coconut leaves.

Larsian-Haven of Grilled Foods

Larsian concept is similar to that of  Dampa. You can go and choose the stall that has the best savor of grilled food. Each stall  has their own name and their freebies like unlimited rice and free soup.  Most restaurant ake their own toyo, with chilli peppers garlic and other vegetable. Some have flamboyant crews and put up colourful lights, curtains and plastic ornaments.

Now there are more than 30 barbeque stalls at Larsian and most of them have same menu, so the competition is very tight. To get customers attention many vendors would scream at you and convince you to eat at their stall and tries to differentiate their products from everyone else.

Eating in Larsian would not matter if you are rich and poor. All customer here get same treatment. Guest can eat using bare hands or they can use spoon and pork, but mostly of Filipino guest would prefer to eat without a spoon and pork, they just use cellophane to cover their hands.

The Larsian
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