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Cebu City
Queen City of the South

Mactan  Island is the home of some of the fines and most convenient dive spots in the Philipines. Kontiki Divers offers  a modern Dive Centre for scuba diving, PADI and SSI dive courses, beach resort, scuba equipment, dive travel and more exciting fun in Cebu City. Here, speed boat bring you to the superb dive spots featuring steeply sloped walls, colourful coral reefs, lots of turtles , school of fishes, sharks and marine life. Kontiki Divers also offer easy shore diving on a magnificent house reef and boat dives to a nearby dive spots and marine sparks. They also have day trips to nearby island, dive safaris to Cabilao and Bohol.

Kontiki Divers is a one stop dive shop for scuba diving, dive safaris and dive course. All diving and scuba facilities are sold in this shop. Guest can also rent some diving facilities like oxygen and underwater cameras. Konitiki also features its very own Nitrox Blending Station and blend Nitrox and Trimix.

For safety purpose, Kontiki staff require divers to  have a dive certificate from an accredited dive organization to dive in. Divers may also choose to bring their own diving equipments.  Recreational dive limits are apply on all dive sites. That includes the maximum limit of 40 meter or 130 feet. no decompression diving and mandatory safety stop at 5 meters for all recreational divers.

All speed boatd and dive boats are equipped with extensive emergency equipment like oxygen, medical first aid kit and cellular phones. Kontiki also offers a wide range of PADI Dive Courses at a fair price for beginners and divers who skills are a bit rusty.

Kontiki Divers also has additional facilities, such as in house restaurant and guestrooms for those who want to stay the night. The front desk also arrange transfer and accommodation in Mactan Island as well as Domestic Flight  Ticketing.

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