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Cebu City
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Kawasan falls is one of the best tourist attraction in Cebu City located in the middle of a rainforest mountains of a peaceful barangay of Matutinao, Badian. The ambiance of the surrounding is very exotic and wild, refreshing and serene. It is one of the most beautiful falls located just 30  kilometers southwest of Cebu City and about 3 hours bus ride. It is a great place to see the natural beauty of nature, waterfalls, prestine river runs, massive limestone overhangs with native trees  and moss on rocks.

The town of Badian is famous for a system of waterfalls which has two major drops, a huge water source that supply thousands of liters of fresh water to the people in town, and an adventure trail which takes you deep into the heart of  Kawasan Falls  in Baranggay Matutinao.

Upon arriving ay the Badian Town Plaza, visitors need to pay 10 pesos to the community members and from there you will have to walk  about 1.5 kilometer  along the very rocky and narrow path to get to the first water fall. Along the way are fruit vendors and souvenir shops selling personalized accessories, such as  beaded necklace, bracelates, key chain and Kawasan Printed Shirts. You will have to pass 3 small wooden bridges before reaching the first fall, where some Cebuanos  woman do washing in a small stream and children’s also caught some stream prawns.  

Kawasan Falls is a multi-tiered cascading water that flows out from a 1 square meter opening. The first water fall is the largest and most crowded, mostly of the visitors stop here after their half an hour walking journey. Going up the hill for 15 minutes  will take you to the second falls, another 15 minutes again for the third falls. Guest can bring their own provisions or buy from the resorts restaurants but food prices are higher than the usual selling prices.

Here, guest can hire a raft for about 300 pesos to take them under the falling water for a refreshing shower massages. Cottages and tables are also available for rent from 800 to 2000 as well as rooms for overnight stay. You might need also to rent Life vest for a very affordable price of 30 pesos. Kawasan Falls is an ideal place for family’s and  friends to relax and enjoy

Reminder: The pathway back s very dark once the sun sets so its best to bring flash lights. Everyone should be careful in going down the slope to avoid mishaps.  

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