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Vigan City
Spanish Colonial Town in Philippines

Hidden Garden is one of the famous tourist attractions in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. It is a nicely landscape garden with native ambiances surrounded by wide variety of tropical plants, flowers and trees plus red clay pots and antiques. Large potted birds nest ferns, bromeliads girding a miniature waterfall, air plants growing in driftwood and bonsai and ornamental stones dividing a pathway can be found here. Hidden Garden is owned by Francisco Flores, a retired engineer. He suffered from 3 heart attacks and half of his body was paralyzed. Then he decided to start a garden and became a landscape architect.

Upon entering the Place you will see a lot of beautiful pottery products also called as “Burnay Jars”.  Next to it is the “Celebrity Corner” which boasts of the many celebrities who have visited the place Like Gabby Conception and Eugene Domingo.

Hidden Garden sells a wide range of plants at very low prices such as Bonsai, Fortune Plants. One of the best selling plants in Hidden Garden is the “Sansevieria Bacularis”. This plants work as air purifier which can filter dust, cigarette smoke and other air impurities. Clay Pots that can be used as decorations or as plants pots can be bought here.  They also offer landscape services.

Hidden Garden has a very relaxing restaurant garden quiet far from Vigan City. They serve coffee, coconut juice, orange, empanada, Halo-Halo, Famous Bagnet, Vigan Longganisa and Fresh Fruit Shakes. Eating in this restaurant is really awesome because of the lovely and relaxing environment.

Aside from plants, trees, pottery and antiques, there are also animals in Hidden Garden like white cockatoos, gecko lizards and Myna Birds. I also recommend to all visitors of Hidden Garden to try their Unique Comfort Room for 10.00 pesos only.

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