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Cebu City
Queen City of the South

Giuseppe PIzzeria and Sicilian Roast

Address: Maria Luisa Road, Banilas, Cebu City

Phone Number: (6332) 343 9901

Giuseppe Pizzeria and Silican Roast is one of the most popular and most visited restaurants in Cebu city by Elite. It is noted as best pizzeria house because it serves high quality food imported from Italy. They serve traditional Sicilian food that is good, filling and fresh combined with Mediterranean flavours.

These fantastic restaurants serve the best pizza in the beautiful province of Cebu. The was first to bring the old fired oven to Cebu.  Aside from mouth watering pizza, guest would also find sumptuous past offerings, oven roasted lamb and roast beef.

Giuseppe is own by Chef Giuseppe Genco, with his great work experience in some respected hotel like The Hilton, Sheraton, The Manila Peninsula and Shangri-La. He brings his knowledge, training and experience in culinary arts to his own restaurant, the Giuseppe.

One of their top selling menus is the Parma Mango, a platter of beautifully ripe slice mango wrapped in a thin slice Parma Ham.Their in house specialties includes Carpaciio e Cavalieri (P 420), a platter of Black Angus tenderloin topped with lettuce, mushrooms, olives, parmesan and balsamic dressing and Osseo Bucco with Risotto(P 950),a classic Milanese dish braised veal shanks infused with garlic, parsley, bay leaf, rosemary, thyme and orange peels.

For Pasta lover, they have Ridotto Porcini(P 420), Spaghetti Marinara(P420), Toretellaci Di Pollo(P 380), Penne Martina(P 360). Linguine Al Pesto (P 380) and Risotto Al Tartufo (P420).

Giuseppe is known for its best tasting pizza such as Arugula E Prosciutto Pizza (P 260), Gregorio Pizza(P 260), Quattro Formaggi(P 380), Spinaci E Gorgonzola(P 450), Mariara(P 420), and Marinara(P 420).Giuseppe also serves the best soup such as Zuppa Di Pomodoro (P 220), Minestrone (P500), Zuppa Di Pesce (P420) and Zuppa Di Manzo (P 300).

Giuseppe is located near the entrance of Maria LUisa Estate, just off Banilad Road. It is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

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