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Ginza Restaurant

Address: Ginza Compound, Old Banilad Road Banilad, Cebu City

Phone Number: +63 32 231 4612 /+63 32 232 5406

Ginza Restaurant is also one of the  restaurants  that serve most Japanese cuisine with mixed culture design  of the restaurants interiors, making the ambience more western like yet very Asians as you taste it delicacies.

This restaurant offers a vast array of authentic Japanese dishes such as sashimi, which is made of fresh ingredients. These restaurants also offer delightful sushi, which is one of the all time favourite of Japanese people.

Ginza Restaurant have cheerful, cosy and casual atmosphere like other first class Japanese Restaurant. The resto features the Tatami Rooms that look out to Traditional Japanese landscape, spacious main dining room, teppanyaki and sushi barTHe waiter and cashier are dressed in nice and clean blue robes. The floors are carpeted and the lighting looks very stunning.

Their in house specialties is the Pork Teppanyaki, it is a platter of tender slices of pork that comes with a super enticing sauce.

This restaurant also features their open showcase kitchen, customer order are cooked right in front of the customer by some of the great chef. The dining are serve fresh and exotic seafood dishes such as crabs, shellfish, prawns and shrimp. They also use other tasty seafood ingredients like seaweeds, sea cucumbers and sea orchins to improve the taste of their culinary masterpiece.

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