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Da Vinci’s Pizza

Address: Osmena Blbd. Cebu City

Contact Number: 63-032 451-8881

Da Vinci’s Pizza is a home grown Cebu’s-based pizza parlour that reinvented the best tomato based pizza. It is well  known for its thin crust white sauce pizza  and Mouthwatering pastas. Da Vinci’s Pizza is become one of the Cebu’s most popular hang outs, where good Italian Food, homey ambiance and great services come together.  All of Da Vinci’s Pizza branches in Cebu have cozy and comfortable place especially the one in IT Park. They have attic like structure, the chairs and tables are unique and that attracts many of their guests.

This restaurant offers wide array of pizzas, especially their famous white sauce pizza like the best seller the “Da Vinci’s Masterpiece. The Da Vinci’s Master Piece is uniquely dressed with Famous White Sauce and topped with Italian sausage, tomatoes, beef strips, pepperoni, mushrooms and  Mozzarella Cheese.

Some of their White Sauce Pizzas includes The Mona Lisa( 198.00), Bacon Deli (198.00),Very Vegetarian (198.00) and Chicken Garlic Supreme( 198.00). For Premium Pizzas, they have Pizza O( 218) , fully loaded with Famous White sauce, topped with bacon,  fresh eggs, cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, onions, herbs and spices . Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger (238), made of 100% beef, bacon, mushroom, lettuce, tomatoes with Rich Cheddar Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese.

Roast Beef Pizza, which is part of their premium pizza, and is also their best selling pizza, the roast beef is blended with white sauce and a double layer of mozzarella cheese along with mushrooms, onions, with fresh herbs and spices. Da Vinci’s Pizza offer delightful pasta such as carbonara, lasagne, and spaghetti. Their latest additions include Chicken Wings and Tasty Potato Slices. Da Vincis’ Pizza also offer usual sodas, ice tea, juices and lemonades, their best selling is the Sola Ice Tea.

Da Vinci’s Pizza is located in Osmena Boulevard ( Jones Avenue) at the right side of the Crown Regency Tower just beside Jollibee. It is also just a  few kilometres away from the famous landmarks, The  Fuente Circle Da Vinci’s Pizza have 7 branches in Paseo Arcenas ( 412-0005), I.T. Park Lagug (415-8881), Marina Mall in Mactan (495-8888), Parkmall  North Reclamation(420-9200) , Gaisano Tabunok(491-8338), Centro Mandaue(420-2140) and Osmena Boulevard( 253-3893).

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