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Vigan City
Spanish Colonial Town in Philippines

One of the most popular and most visited tourist attractions in Vigan City is the Crisologo Museum. It is a century-old mansion and ancestral house of the Crisologos, a prominent political clan in Vigan City. It is converted into a shrine and museum by his family in memory of Floro Crisologo.

Floro Crisologo is a Vigan Congressman known for being responsible for landmark legislations that not only benefited his constituents but the whole country as well. He also authored the laws behind the creation of the North’s first state university, the University of Northern Philippines and establishment of the Social Security System. He was shot dead inside the cathedral while waiting to receive his communion on October 18, 1970. The murder hasn’t been solved.

The Crisologo Museum is a solid 2 storey mansion with thick bricked foundation in the ground floor. The walls of the ground floor are thick and solid. Its windows are made of iron and steel grills. While the upper floor is made of concrete and hardwood and has colintipay windows.

Displayed in the ground floor is an antique calesa( Horse-drawn carriage) that is still being used as a wedding carriages and film props. There is an old car where the Congressman’s wife survived an ambush while pregnant and serving as a governor of the province. The museum houses the library and study room, where visitors can view wide collection of books and news clippings about this political family. One main attraction of the exhibit is the displayed bloodied clothes of the congressman when he was shot to dead.

The second floor is where the bedroom and living room with colonial era furniture can be found. The walls all display photographs of Crisologo Family. The master’s bedroom is filled of religious artefacts, dresses, shoes and perfumes of the congressman’s wife.  Some of the rooms displayed dugout canoe, a tool for grinding rice and some native hats.

The Crisologo Museum continues to be managed by the Crisologo Family. It is open for public viewing daily from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. It has no entrance free, although you can leave a donation to help maintain the museum.

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