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CNT Restaurant

Address: Reclamation Area, In front of SM City Cebu    /

   #1377 V. Rama Ave., Guadalupe, Cebu City

Phone Number: (6332) 254-4249 / (6332) 254-6641

One of the Cebu’s best delicacies is the Lechon Baboy. Lechon is a dialect term for one whole roasted pig. This is very famous and sought after main dish in occasion such as fiestas, birthday, weddings and the like here in the Philippines. It is famous for unique taste of crispy pig’s skin and tender meat.

CNT Restaurant is famous to produce the best and tastiest lechon in the province of Cebu. Most foreign and local tourist has their craving satisfied at the CNT Lechon located in front of SM City Cebu. It has exceeded most of the tourist expectations because of its right crispy skin and meat that is so tender and juicy.


The difference of Cebu lechon version is that you don’t need sauce to dip it like many Filipinos do. The roast pig is actually injected with salt and flavourings while being roasted making the sauce unnecessary. The pig is slowly over a charcoal pit and basted with a dressing that yields brown crunchy crispy skin it produces crackling sound when munched.

Aside from their super Mouthwatering Lechon, they also serve Lechon Paksiw, Spicy Lechon, Chicken Inasal, Stuff Paella and Roasted Beef. Some fresh and tasty seafoods like Crabs, Shrimp, Grilled Squid and Prawns.

CNT in Cebu also offers puso, is rice wrapped in coconut leaned and leaved boiled in water and shaped like a cube. Puso has different aroma compared to regular cooked rice because of banana leaves. Today CNT lechon has gone a long way, from being a mainstay in every buffet table to a pasalubong. CNT lechon are delivered whole to other par of the country. Depending on the size, the price range from 1900 to 4000. 1 kilo cost 400.00

Cnt have boxes of lechon for those who think of bringing home a Taste of Cebuano Lechon. Boxes are available at the counter or you can ask the staff. Guest can also order a whole lechon from CNT or have it sent via air cargo.

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