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Cebu City
Queen City of the South

Tops is  one of the Cebu City famous tourist attraction. It is situated around 2000 feet above sea level up in the cool hills of Busay and has about 1 hectare in area. It is a most rated sight seing spot that offers the panoramic view of Cebu City, Island of Mactan, Olongapo City and Bohol.

Tops is open 24 hours and a favourite place for kids to hangout, picnic, evening parties and get drunk at night. Tops offers a dozen of seats for couples, lovers and families spend the day and night together watching the bright lights of the city. It is also an ideal place when  courting a love one or proposing for marriage.  Tops is one of the recommended place by some Cebuanos for guest who wants to relax, enjoy and have fun. Within the vicinity of tops are other famous attraction in Cebu City like Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort, Mountain View Park, Q Park, Taoist Temple and Family Park. There is also a souvenir shop that sell personalized keychains, cellphone charms, magnetic decors, necklace, bracelet, hats, ID Lace and T-shirts. Some vendors also sell snack, delicasies, canned goods, noodles, beers and sodas. Guest can bring their own provisions or buy from the resorts restaurants but food prices are higher than the usual selling prices.

For guest with cars with them, Tops has a spacious parking areas for cars, bus and motorcycles. One of the highlight of Tops is the Big Old Bell which lots of people enjoyed banging.

The entrance of Tops is located along the main road of Busay and the entrance fee is 100 pesos per person.  Tops is about 30-40 minutes travel time from Cebu City proper. From the mountainous area of Tops you can see the wonderful views and spectacular city lights of Cebu and Mactan as well as the beautiful stars at night. The main ground is covered by Bermuda grass and decorated by  concretes stones.   

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