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Sarabia Manor Hotel

1.Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa

2. Radisson Blu Hotel

3. Waterfront Hotel and Casino

4. Marco Polo Plaza

5. Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

6. Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa

7. Alegre Beach Resort

8.Movenpick Resort and Spa

9. Crimson Beach Resort

10. Costa Bella Tropical Beach Resort

1. Abaseria Deli and Cafe

2. Abaca Restaurant

3. Pino! Restaurant

4.Sumibi Yakiniku Tajimaya

Teds Oldtimer Lapaz Bachoy


5. CNT Restaurant

6. Ginza Restaurant

7. Olio Bar and Restaurant

8. Giusseppe Pizzeria

9.Da Vinci’s Pizza

10. Vienna Kaffeehaus

1. Ayala Mall

2. SM City  Cebu

3. Robinson’s Place

4. Carbon Market

5. Alegre Guitar Factory

6. Colon Street

7. Marina Mall

8. Sham rock

9.JY Square

10. The Wine Shop

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Cebu City
Queen City of the South

Mactan  Island is the home of some of the fines and most convenient dive spots in the Philipines It is about 30 minutes drive away from Mactan International Airport and 50 min....

The town of Badian is famous for a system of waterfalls which has two major drops, a huge water source that supply thousands of liters of fresh water to the people in town, and an ….

Sumilon Islands is an  24 hectare coral island surrounded by crystal clear sea water with varying aquamarine hues.It is the first marine protected area in the Philippines and was ..

Fort San Pedro also know as  is one of the oldest Spanish fort in the country but smallest than the Fort Santiago located inside the walled Intramuros area in Manila. Fort San Pedro …..

One of the famous popular tourist spot in Cebu City aside from Magellan’s Cross is the Chinese Taoist Temple. It is located in the wealthy residential suburb of Beverly Hills way .....

Kawasan Falls: Sumilon Islands: Fort San Pedro : Taoist Temple:

Kontiki Divers Club:

In the beautiful province of Cebu, barbeque is not just preparing a food, it’s a culture. The barbeque culture comprises a considerable portion of the Cebuano identity,  …….


Magellan’s Cross is one of the famous tourist attraction in Cebu. It is the symbol of the establishment of Roman Catholicism in the Philippines. It is also a  symbol of Cebu City and the …..

Tops is  one of the Cebu City famous tourist attraction. It is situated around 2000 feet above sea level up in the cool hills of Busay and has about 1 hectare in area. It is a most .....

Another great tourist destination in Cebu is the Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño. It is one of the Cebu’s oldest Roman Catholic Church.also still retains the original stone texture …

The Orchid Gallery is one of the most visited tourist spot in Cebu City. It is known as the biggest orchid displays in South East Asia. Growing over 200 kinds of orchids, orchid farm ..

Magellan’s Cross: Tops : Basilica Menore Del Sto. Nino : The Orchid Gallery :









Aside from Historical attractions, Cebu is the home of world class beach resorts and diving spots. The northern part of the Cebu is the Bantayan and Malapascua Islands, offers an idyllic white sandy beaches and pristine clear waters. Cebu has gained wide popularity for world-class diving spots that offers excellent diving facilities and services of dive masters and dive guides. Just under 20 minutes from Cebu is the Coral island of Mactan known for its Corals and underwater diving adventures in it’s resorts. The evening entertainment is well catered for with many Restaurants, casinos, nightclubs, discothèques bars and music rooms which are open until the early morning.

Cebu is a highly developed province of the Philippines with a population of over 3,600,000 people, who are well educated and hardworking. The official language spoken in Cebu is Cebuano; this is also language in most of central Visayan and some parts of Mindanao. Like the rest of the Philippines the climate has a Dry and Rainy season, with an average temperature of around 24 to 32 Celsius, but can get much hotter in the month of May, the humidity is about 70 to 80 percent. Cebu is also famous for the Sinulog Festival, the biggest and grandest festival in Cebu City in honour of Sr. Sto Nino de Cebu in Basilica Minore De Sto Nino. This festival is held every 3rd Sunday of January.

Cebu City is one of the famous tourist destinations in the Philippines and in the whole world.  It is compose of Cebu Islands and other 167 paradise islands and islets. Cebu is located in the east of Negros and west of Bohol Islands. The beautiful province of Cebu is made up of 6 major cities including, Cebu, Danao, Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue, Talisay, Toledo and eight other municipalities. Cebu is in the heart of the Philippines and widely known as the Queen City of the South . Its Capital is Cebu City, the centre of a metropolitan area called Metro Cebu. Cebu City is one of the top tourist destinations because of rich it’s cultural and historical heritage. It’s oldest Church, Monuments, Museums and Cathedrals reminds the legacy which has endure for many centuries when Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan landed on Cebu City and first planted a Cross in the Cebu Shore.

Cebu City  is extremely proud to have largest Shipping Ports in Central Visayas and  the 2nd Biggest Airport called Mactan Cebu International Airport, it is one of  the busiest city in the country. Millions of local and foreign tourist flock the island every year to enjoy the numerous white sand beaches, friendly people, pristine crystal clear water, its rolling hills and mountains, tropical fruits and vegetables, mouth watering fresh seafood dishes,  and breath taking Sunsets, no wonder Cebu is becoming country’s favourite tourist destination.

Cebuanos are known around the world for their friendly hospitality, when you come to the Philippines, you just don’t come on holiday, you come on an Adventure. With over 7,000 Tropical Islands to explore this is Paradise, this is Philippines!



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