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Caluit Island Wildlife Sanctuary situated in Busuanga, Palawan in northern Calamines Island is one of the popular tourist destination in Palawan. It is the home of exotic and rare animal species that roam freely in the verdant hills and plains. This 3700 hectare large Calauit Island is the Sanctuary of African and Palawan wildlife threatened with extinction.

Palawan Monkeys, Palawan Parrots, Palawan Bear Cat, Palawan Peacock, Mongoose, Scaly, Ant Eater, Porcupine and Mouse Deer lives together with African animals from Kenya like Giraffes, Zebras, Impalas, Waterbucks, Bushnacks, Gazelles, Elands and Topis.

Their numbers have increased from hundred to over six hundred as they thrive in their new home. The Island is also home of mode than seventy bird species and some of the rarest. Today, Caluit Island Wildlife Sanctuary evolves to become the country’s major conservation showcase and unique park. The Caluit Island is proud of having the best and extraordinary scene tic park. The forest, grasslands, and mangrove provide a habitat of some of the country’s endangered species. It is open for the public all year round. It caters for educational tour, scientific, tourism, recreational and enjoyment of the wilderness and for the importance and appreciation of conservation of the natural beauty of nature.

How to get there

From Puerto Princesa, you can take a jeepney or Bus to Taytay, and then from there you take a pump boat going directly to Coron. From Coron, you can take a bus going to Busuanga. In Busuanga, it will take approximately half hour by jeepney to Decalasiao Wharf and 3 hours pump boat to Caluit. All in all, it will take 3-6 hours before you ca reach the Caluit Island Wildlife Sanctuary. Hiring a Van or jeepney is a best option for those who want to reach the place easier.

Caluit Wildlife Island Sactuary
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