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Summer Capital of the Philippines

Café by the Ruins

Address: # 23 Chuntug St., Baguio City

Phone Numbers: (+63 74) 442-4010 / (+63 74) 446-4010

Food price starts at Php 300.00-500.00

Café by the Ruins is one of the best Restaurants situated in the Summer capital city of the Philippines. This Restaurant offers the best dining experience to local and tourists, with its rustic and cosy ambience, to excellent exotic foods. This Restaurants interior and furniture is mostly made of bamboo, hardwood and other local native materials. It is also design with old paintings, hanging plants, crafts and artworks by most of the artists and art lovers who dine here.

It is called Café by the  Ruins because it is an old stone wall left after the ruins of war. It was a old house of the Governor of Benguet , across the street from the City Hall.

Café by the Ruins offers the best Breakfast Meals; they serve tasty and flavourful Bacon, Tapa and Skinless Sausages with Eggs, Mountain Rice or French Toast and small serving of Fruits. They also features the best brewed coffee combined with mascovado sugar and carabaos milk.  You can also order Suman(rice cake), Kamote bread, Baguette, Champorado, Sandwiches and many more.

Café by the  Ruins  offers the best native dishes; their main ingredients are some local products from Baguio like carabaos milk, strawberry, Mascovado sugar, cacao and honey.  One of the best and highly recommended dishes is Mechado, made by roasting beef, mashed potatoes, vegetables and mushroom gravy. It is one of the delicious foods that would satisfy your taste. They also serve Bistek Tagalog, Longanisang Hubad, Crispy Tapa, Pasta with Grilled Chicken, Carbonara, Mami, Fresh Lumpia, Tortang Talong,  Bulalo, Chicken Sotanghon, Baguio Bounty Salad,  and many more.

Café by the Ruins is very accessible, it is near Baguio City Hall and Rizal Park, and it is also walking distance from the popular Burnham Park. Transportation is not a problem because taxis pass all  the time.

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