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The southwest salad starts the course with citrus marinated beef strips, tomato comfit,  and french vinaigrettes. for starters they have bistro salad, made of fresh lettuce, apples, grapes, organs, walnuts, feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.  Bourbon street also have generous list of reliable and premium wine brands. for signature cocktails they have screaming orgasm, bourbonito and turn me on. bourbon street grill and restaurant is open daily for lunch, dinner and after hours. this restaurant also caters for private parties and conference meeting. they cater every eventuality from a full course dinner to a snack, with a drinks.

Bourbon Street Grill and Bar

Address: Red Square, Glicerio Pison Ave., Diversion Road, Iloilo City

Phone Number: +6333-320-3028

Bourbon Street Grill and Bar is a famous Restaurants situated at the centre of Smallville Complex, a famous dining and nightlife venue in Iloilo City. This bistro style restaurant has two chic elegant lounges and a popular balcony that provides a perfect place for lovers. The  American interior design gives a contemporary and cozy atmosphere. The use of bricks and solid hardwood teak flooring design adds to the uniqueness of the place.

This restaurant offers a fine selection of steaks, pizza, nibbles, pasta  and drinks. Among their   top selling menu  are Bourbon BBQ Ribs, made of grilled tender American –made Bourbon with a bole of Sweet Barbecue Sauce,  US Beef hotpot (Php 390), made of braised chunks of US Beef in Red Wine Sauce, and 15 hour Pork belly, tender and luscious pork belly dipped into mild tangy apple juice.

Classics such as southern fried chicken, garlic beef tenderloin, beer battered calamares, original buffalo wings and fish and chips  a well  known british meal.

Although said to be  an american bistro  cuisine, its menu also offers some italian dishes such as

seafood marinara (Php 170), grilled chicken pesto (Php 185), putanesca (Php 160), salmon pasta (Php 190) and pasta andouille (Php 170). For pizza they have cheese burger & mushroom (Php 185), gourmet sausage (Php 195), four cheese (Php 168), house special (Php 175) and salmon surprise (Php 250).

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