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Bohol Islands
Home of the Philippine Tarsiers

Bohol Manmade forest is also one of the top tourist attraction in Bohol. It is the first man made forest in the Philippines on  Bohol Island . This   mahogany forest was planted.....

Baclayon Church is the second oldest stone church in the Philippines, it is next to the San Augustine Church in Intramuros Manila. It is known as the church of Our Lady of ......

Bohol Bee Farm located in Dao, Dauis in Panglao Island in Bohol is also a well visited place by many tourist. It was built on a cliff with a view of the ocean so guest would enjoy the....

Loboc River is located in municipality of Loboc. Bohol is also one of the most visited places in the province. It is known for its floating restaurant. It will take you up Loboc River…..

Tarsier in Bohol is also one of the reasons why many local and foreign tourists visit the province. Tarsier is a small primate weighing about 113 to 142 grams and almost fits in ….

It is the famous tourist attraction in the Province of Bohol.  It  is composed of  1,268  cone shape  hills with the height ranging from 30-60 square meters The hills are covered with….

Philippine Tarsier Loboc River

1. The Bellevue

2.Peacock Garden Luxury Resort

3. Eskaya Beach Resort

4.Hennan Resort Alona Beach

5. Bohol Beach Club


6. Bluewater Panglao Beach

7. Amarella Resort

8. Alona Kew Beach Resort

9. Alona Tropical Beach Resort

10. Blue Sky Sea Resort

1. Loboc Floating Restaurant

2. Cafe Olegario

3. Old Heidelberg

4.Lohob Restaurant

5. Hayahay Pizza

6. The Pyramid

7. Giuseppe Pizzeria

8. JJ Seafood Restaurant

9. Cion Virge Cafe and Restaurant

10. Trudis  Place

1. Island City Mall

2. Bohol Quality Mall

3. Plaza Marcela

4.Antequera Basket

5. Altura Supermarket

6. Shoppers Mart

7. Hinagdangan Cave Souvenir

8. Aproniana Giftshop

9. Bq Mall

10. Bohol Bee Farm

The Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary: Loboc River: Baclayon Church and Museum : Bohol Manmade Forest:







Bohol  is one of the Top 10 best tourist attraction in Philippines.  It is the Island located at the central part of Visayas in region VII with a land area of 4,117.26 square kilometers. It is compose of 47 towns and 1 109 barangays. Tagbilaran City is the capital of the province. Bohol is the biggest  islands in Central Visayas. Cebu City is located on the northwest and Leyte on the north east. It is about 803 kilometers away from Manila and 79 Kilometers away from Cebu. Boholano people  share the same languages from its neighboring Island and they called it Cebuano.

May is best month to visit Bohol because many festivities are happen with in this month. On the first week, Boholanos celebrate the every year fiesta of Tagbilaran City in  honor of their patron St. Joseph the Worker. Here many Boholanos all over the world return home to witness and celebrate with their families, friends and relatives. All of them are excited to watch the street dancing, concerts, colorful parades  and competitions prepare by government officials of Bohol. Some  of the highlight are  the Sandugo Festival, Bolibong Kinking Festival, Sinugbuan Festival, Ubi Festival and many more.. Boholanos people are also very friendly and warm which add colors to their beautiful island.

Bohol is known as a full package paradise in Philippines where local and foreign tourist would enjoy and loaded with natural attractions and wonderful sight views. This province is rich in natural heritages, resorts, white sand beaches, flora and fauna, old churches, dive sites and wonderful caves. Chocolate hills in Carmen, Bohol is the most attractive tourist spot in the province. One would enjoy the breathtaking scenetic view of this unique gigantic hills. Chocolate hills consist of about  1,268 hills in the area , all with same shape and with a height of more or less 50 square kilometers.

From Manila someone can reach bohol for variety of  travel option either by  land, air and sea. The easiest and fastest way is tru air transportation. You can reach Bohol for more or less 2 hours  by air using a domestic flight from Ninoy Aquino International Airport  to Tagbilaran, The following airline below fly from Manila directly to Bohol.

 Cebu Pacific     Air Philippines

Zest Air           Air Phil Express

You can also ride in a ferry boat or ship from Manila to Cebu, then continue a ferry bound to Tagbilaran Bohol, at Tubigon Seaport. It will take about 1 day to get to Bohol. One of the famous ship is Super ferry which cost about 1800 pesos.

Taking Bus going to Bohol is also a good option. Many people usually choose this trip because bus have many stop over. Bus like Silver Star is one of thebest, it cost about 2 thousands for air-condition bus and 1500 for a regular Bus. You can also find busses in Cubao Ali Mall bus terminal.

Chocolate Hills:

Bohol Bee Farm : Farm:

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