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Bavaria Restaurant

Address: # 113 Seminario St. Jaro, Iloilo City

Phone number: 329-0078

Bavaria Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Jaro Iloilo, near Jaro Plaza which serve authentic German Cuisine. Bavaria restaurant is offering the best and unforgettable dining experience from its cozy elegant dining area to Mouthwatering German cuisine that one would feel like their in Germany.  

Bavaria restaurant has become a popular spot for families and get togethers, they offer an array of Sausages, Steaks, Salads, Bavarian Dishes and Pizza. One of the restaurant’s specialties is the Pepper Steak, a thin steak slices with onions, garlic, green pepper, and stewed potatoes.

For a light start, Bavarian offers you Kartoffelsalat (a German potato salad) and Wurstsalat (Bavarian sausage salad) serve with Bavarian soup.  For the main course, the famous Jagerschnitzel (Php195) is specially prepared, it consists of thinly slice breaded pork serve with mushrooms gravy, parmesan cheese and  mashed potatoes.

For a healthier menu, try Sauerbraten (Php 220), its is  considered as a national dish in Germany and it is made of roast beef marinated in a mixture of vinegar, spices and seasonings.  Other dishes like Berliner Chicken, Fish Fillet, Bavaria Back ribs, Bavaria Restaurant also offer an array of sausages that give that real taste of Germany. The restaurants best selling pizza in the Authentic German Sausage and Pepper Steak with mashed potato and sauerkraut. Other sausages like Vienna Sausage, Hungarian Sausage with Java Rice are also available on the menu. They also serve Spanish, American and Filipino cuisine like Seafood Paella, sandwiches, pasta and pizza. Bavaria Restaurant also has a mini bar with imported German drinks. Among their top selling drinks are San Miguel Beer, October feast Beer Mug, and German Beer.

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