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Bohol Islands
Home of the Philippine Tarsiers

Baclayon Church is the second oldest stone church in the Philippines, it is next to the San Augustine Church in Intramuros Manila. It is known as the church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. This old church was built in 1951 upon the arrival of the Jesuit Priest in the Philippines. It was built by  hundreds of Filipinos using coral reefs from the sea.

Baclayon Church is the most solemn and peaceful church in Bohol. They are implementing rules that people must wear formal attire upon entering the church, Sleeveless, shorts and skirts are not allowed.  

Beside the Church is a small Museum wherein you can witness some religious artifacts and antiques that is embroidered with gold. Here you can also see images of Jesus and the Holy Family. Taking pictures inside the Museums in not allowed because according to the administrator they want to preserve and protect them for future generations to visit.

For a small fee of 20 pesos, one would enjoy and witness the gold statues and antiques that you wont see nowadays. From Tagbilaran City, You can take a jeepney, bus or  hire a Pedi cab going to the peaceful and solemn church of Baclayon.  

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