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Abaseria Deli and Café

Address: 39-B Pres. Roxas St., Corner Cong Noel St., Villa Aurora Kasambagan, Cebu City

Tel No: (032)-234-4160 / (032)-233-8339

Abaseria Deli and Café is one of the famous restaurants situated in the heart of Cebu City that most foreign and local tourist dines in. It was own by a very creative jewellery exporter who uses the restaurant as showroom for jewellery, crafts and other Filipino products then she transform it into a charming restaurant now called Abseria. Abseria is a Spanish word which means “sari-sari”.  Some Philippine Presidents and famous person visit this place during their stay in Cebu City.

It is also known as one of the Cuba’s best kept secret when it comes to unique dining experience. Upon entering the resto, variety of arts displays, beautiful crafts and furniture and home decorations will greets every guest. As part of the restaurant, guest can purchase affordable jewelleries and accessories.  Guest can also buy some local delicacies one of those are the Cebu’s famous mango strips. Peanut brittles, strawberry jams, bottles Fish Paste (Bagoong), Polvoron and some Ilocos wine are also available.

This Spanish restaurant offers a wide array of native delicacies and authentic food from Ilocos, Manila and other part of Visayas. Abaseria serve mouth-watering menus like Adobo Kangkong, Ado bong Talong and Tofu selection. For seafood lovers, they serve tasty Ado bong Bangus Belly, Sisig Bangus, Fish Sticks, Grilled Squid and Prawns, Salted Fish and Fried Lapu-lapu  

Among their top selling dishes are Lechon Kawali, Beefsteak with Tofu, Humba Filipino, and Baked Ribs with Ginger and Chicken Curry with Mango. Soup is also available, including Tinolang Isda, Sinigang SA Miso with Tofu, Sinigang Na Baboy and Mongo Soup with Coconut Milk.

Guest also has a lot of options from its wide selection of beverages, such as the Passion Fruit Juice, Lemon Grass Tea, Cappuccino Shake and Banana Shake.  Abaseria Café and Deli is located at the corner of Pres. Qurino St., Brgy. Kasambagan Cebu City. It is few minutes away from Sarrosa International Hotel, Hotel De Mercedes and Montebello Hotelot. It is open daily from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm

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